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What is a Fitness for Duty Examination?

Fitness for Duty examinations are usually reserved for occupations that require high physical demands where the employee and others around him/her may be at high risk for injury, for example, fire fighters, first responders and police officers. Employers can require new employees and current employees to undergo fitness-for-duty (FFD) examinations as long as the FFD testing process complies with legal requirements and avoids any discrimination (You cannot make one employee in the same position as another take the test unless the other takes it too.)

Valid Examination Tasks

Fitness for duty exams may constitute job simulated functional tasks like lifting, climbing or squatting. The task should have content validity meaning the task is actually identified and measured on the job and is essential to performance (Content-based Validity Studies). The task defines the job and could substantially hinder productivity if the applicant cannot perform it. It is not recommended to use non-job-simulated tasks like isometric gauges, push-ups or sit-ups (Criterion-based Validity Studies) to assess an individual’s ability to perform essential duties because it is more likely to draw criticism or dissatisfaction by the applicant and is also very difficult to defend in a court of law. Content-based Validity studies are also less time consuming and more accurate than Criterion based validity studies.

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