What to Expect During a Pre-Employment Physical

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Why Schedule a Pre-employment Physical?

Advantage Occupational Medicine understands that pre-employment physicals are not necessarily what the candidate was expecting when he/she applied. On the other hand,  a prescreening can be very helpful for everyone involved here. Early detection is always key to a successful outcome. Physicals are the best tool to measure and track an employee’s health. 

Place with Accuracy and Confidence

A pre-employment physical, whether it be pre-placement or human performance, is important because it gives both the employer and the employee confidence at performance on the job. At times, a pre-employment screening has identified conditions that can be an onset to a chronic illness. It can also determine whether someone with an existing condition can be placed safely in a particular segment of an occupation.

Patient Preparedness

A pre-employment physical may examine health components including:

  • Vital Signs- blood pressure, heart rate and temperature.
  • Abdomen Health- liver and bowel function.
  • Skin Appearance- color and texture to determine underlying illnesses.
  • Heart and Lung Examination- Cardiovascular health.
  • Drug and Alcohol Screening
  • Vision Testing
  • Titers- Antibodies Test.
  • Labs that may include a blood draw.
  • Audiometry Testing- Hearing Test.

To prepare for an examination, the patient should bring paperwork from the employer, aids such as glasses or hearing aids, a valid state or federal ID card, a list of medications, surgeries, conditions and allergies. 

Boosting Wellness

Besides a physical, there are many great ways to gauge your wellness. Participating in programs like these eventually lead to welcoming lifestyle changes that in the end boost your confidence and overall health. Biometric or Body Metric Screenings are similar to physicals but they are usually offered at your place of employment.

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